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GRG Talent Insights Graph
GRG Talent Insights Graph


Why look deeper at people?

Human beings are like icebergs; there is so much we can’t see under the surface. Knowing more than where they worked, what they did and whether they can hold a pleasant conversation for an hour is absolutely key to ensuring that you build a high functioning team of happy and productive people.

Introducing GRG Talent Insights

GRG Talent Insights have the exclusive rights in the Middle East to ground breaking instruments that do so much more than any comparative product on the market. As the result of a lot of hard work by very clever men in white coats in the US and Europe, we use tools that assess in remarkable detail not just basic personality profiles, but an individuals’ values and their attributes. When our certified consultants bring this information together they can tell you:
What the ideal work environment for an individual is
How to motivate them more effectively
How to communicate better with them
What sort of tasks are they going to excel at and where would they underperform
The sort of people they are going to work well with in a team
Whether they are in a “good place” right now personally

Building Better Teams

When used as part of your internal talent development you can learn so much more about the potential of your employees and how to help them get there. You can find out what makes your teams tick and by helping them understand each other you can improve their productivity and happiness enormously. There is so much benefit and so many ways we can support.
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Assessment & Feedback Session: AED 3,800
Hiring managers complete the assessment and a certified consultant takes them through their 71 page comprehensive report on an individual basis. They work with the line manager to understand the personality fit of their team and help deliver the best results possible when hiring people.
Candidate Assessment Report: AED 900
A two page overview of the key areas of a candidates profile and an individually written assessment on the suitability of a candidate for your particular role.
Candidate Assessment Session: AED 3,800
A face to face feedback session giving in depth analysis of the 71 page report of each candidate on a shortlist and their suitability to your culture and the opportunity.
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